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Step one – Commitment

It is impossible to achieve anything without commitment,
dedication, and showing persistence through the adversity that
is inevitable.
First and foremost, there must be an agreement between
yourself and the universe. For your ideal vision to manifest, you
will be tested by laziness and other excuses as well as a will to
give up and at some point, the thought of skipping a day will
arise. It is crucial to ignore that thought and follow through with
this planner EVERY DAY.
Let’s face it, some days you will feel more motivated than others,
this is how we are all wired, but remember that you are on
the right path if you open and write in it every day, even if
your primary purpose for the day is to binge-watch Netflix and
eat Doritos. The main point is being persistent and to actively
incorporate a form of planning and organization to your day.
Starting slow and picking things up gradually has proven
to show greater long-term results. So, it doesn’t matter how
ambitious your goals and actions are in the beginning, as long
as you stay PERSISTENT and make a HABIT to plan and organize
your life on a daily basis.

Affirmations Page

It is no secret that our belief system and perceptions towards
life greatly affects the results and outcomes we manifest. Some
beliefs we acquired from our parents during childhood, others
in high school/college or maybe even from a TV show, you
watched last night! The subconscious is always busy making
assumptions. Those beliefs are so deeply embedded in our
subconscious that our limitations often fly under the radar
and we are stuck in a loop reacting in a similar way to similar
situations, therefore producing the same results.
The good news is that irrespective of what you have been
taught or what you have experienced in your life so far, the
only thing that matters and affects the outcome is how you
see yourself and perceive the world around you. We can alter
and tweak our subconscious mind by installing new beliefs
and therefore completely change our reactions and actions to
specific situations and finally attract what we truly desire. This
section is for you to completely re-invent yourself in any way you
would like.
Write affirmative statements that describe yourself and your life
as you desire to live it. Keep in mind that for your subconscious to
remain receptive, you need to keep your affirmations as realistic
as possible. Remember, our goal here is for our subconscious
to suggest different actions and responds differently to various
situations. Ideally, an affirmation will contain a recommended
action or response that will become automatic during our day
to day life.
For example, if you are looking to improve your financial situation,
instead of writing “I am a multi-billionaire” a better Idea would
be: “I enjoy exploring financial opportunities, and I always take
action toward the ones that appeal to me.” Another example is
for someone who wishes to meet and connect with new people
or a potential partner. A constructive and realistic affirmation
like: “I enjoy putting myself out there, for it makes me feel alive
or approaching and getting to know new people is natural and
easy to me” will get you a lot further than something like “I have
the perfect partner and countless loving friends.” This is because
it suggests different behavior to what you might be used to.
Got it? Good!
Be creative and try to cover as many aspects of life as you can.
Feel free to add new affirmation as you progress and reach new
realizations! Remember that the way to alter your subconscious
is through repetition. Make a habit out of reading that section
every day, ideally as soon as you wake up and before bed. For
the best results, read them out loud with confidence. After a
short while, you will notice a change in your blueprint and the
mind will auto-suggest new actions and responses. You will
wish to have discovered this sooner, and the results will be
quick to follow!

My Vision

“If you can see it, you can achieve it!
If you can dream it, you can become it!”
~ William Arthur Ward
Everything that was ever made or achieved started with a
thought, that thought formed into an idea, the idea inspired a
series of actions that created momentum which inspired more
actions causing a ripple effect, and suddenly the idea takes
shape and becomes a reality.
Firstly, the purpose of this exercise is for your internal compass
to be tweaked in the right direction so that a series of actions
that will get you closer to the desired outcome will be inspired.
Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for the next
20-30 minutes. Turn off your cell phone, and put it away for
the course of this exercise. Now take a few deep breaths and
start imagining your perfect life in every aspect of it. Be as
outrageous as you can, and think as if your life is a movie and
you are directing the role of yourself as the main character!
Make sure to let emotions flow and ignore any logical limitations
if they come up. As the idea of your most honest and perfect
desire comes to mind, write it down, and be as detailed and
precise as you can be. The next step is a breakdown of what it
would take for you to get to your desired state. Write down the
significant steps that will evolve you from your current state to
your ideal image. It’s ok to be general in this section. These steps
don’t have to be detailed, and a general breakdown is what we
The final step of this exercise is deciding on three practical
actions that you can take to get you closer to where you want
to be within the next three months. Decide for yourself how
ambitious you want your efforts to be and what part of life you
will choose to develop more during the next three months.
Incorporate those actions in your Monthly, Weekly and Daily
sections in a way you see fit and do your best to follow them


Vision Board

Visual stimulation is without a doubt one of the most useful
tools to attract and manifest desired outcomes and situations.
The purpose of this exercise is to create a visual board of your
desired state as you described it in the previous pages.
Be creative and gather material to make this board reflect
your objectives in the most honest way. Make a habit out of
glancing at it occasionally. While you do so, do your best to
VISUALIZE and FEEL the emotions as if you already are living
the dream.
Merely looking at the board, while still useful, won’t have as
great of an effect without the emotion and the clear vision
that you are already in possession of your desires. So, let your
imagination flows and watches your dream life manifest!


Monthly Spread

The monthly view is the first step to arrange the practical goals
that you have chosen to take upon yourself in the previous
section. Write down your goals which will later be divided
into smaller steps in the weekly and daily pages. Keep your
goals ambitious yet realistic, don’t forget to plan some time
to nurture yourself in the well-being section! Think of places,
people and activities you will enjoy! Good times are the source
of the positive energy that will keep you going through the
“Watch your thoughts; they become actions.
Watch your actions they become habits.
Watch your habits they become the character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
~ Frank Jackson
Your daily habits and routines will have a massive impact
on your future whether you choose to address it or not. For
instance, if you make a habit of reading for 45 minutes every
day in a specific field, within five years, you will undoubtedly
become one of the most informed experts on the planet!
Choose the habits that will contribute to your life in a way you
desire. Inspect your day for counter-productive habits and stop
the cycle by changing them and taking note of it every day!
Studies show that it takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit!
Stay consistent by tracking your progress daily and after a short
while your new habits will become a part of your character,
therefore affecting your destiny positively.

Weekly Spread

What is the most important goal for you to achieve this week?
Write it down and describe the steps/actions you need to take
to achieve it. Try to challenge yourself and pick an ambitious
goal that will make you feel accomplished upon completion.
Think about how you can reward yourself! Having something
you desire to wait for you at the finish line will infuse you with
the needed energy and motivation. Write down your secondary
goals and priorities for the week. Choose the main two habits
you’d like to focus on out of the monthly page and don’t forget
to mark your progress every day.
The only way we grow is in discomfort; we are psychologically
wired to avoid it at every cost. Make a conscious effort to do one
thing outside of your comfort zone every week. After a short
while, you will become more confident to conquer day to day
challenges and trying new things.
The Savvy Bee team encourages you to pay attention to all
aspects of your life. The key to a happy life is the balance, and it
will allow you to grow and expand while having the security net
of healthy relationships, body and mind. Describe the things 

that will help you experience a perfect week on the left side and things to avoid on the right.

Reflect on your past week, congratulate yourself on your big
wins and write them down, and take note of the valuable
insights that you have gained? Don’t forget that learning from
our mistakes is just as important as celebrating our successes.
Write down what you’ve learned that will help you do better
next week.

Daily Spread

One of the most powerful tools in attracting good things in life
is gratitude. Combine that with excitement and inspiration, and
you get to start your day with the right mindset! Name three
things that you are grateful for, three things you are excited
about and enjoy the daily inspirational quote to welcome the
day ahead. What is your focus for today? Write down what is
most important to you for the day ahead. It could be anything
you would like it to be, a goal, mindset etc.
Prioritizes your daily goals, write them down starting from the
most important downwards. For maximum efficiency, start
by eliminating your most essential/ challenging goal first and
proceed accordingly. Checking the box upon completion has
proven to increase happiness and boost motivation towards the
next target. Write down your daily tasks and check the boxes
upon completion. Use the schedule page to arrange your day
and schedule time for your tasks and goals. Remember, he
who fails to plan, plan to fail so arrange your day accordingly!
Review your day and write down how many habits you have
followed through with and don’t forget to give yourself props
and write down how you’ve made yourself proud.

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